Magento extension that implements full page caching using Varnish
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Under Development

Implements ideas posted on and


  1. Enable full page caching using Varnish, a super fast caching HTTP reverse proxy.
  2. Varnish servers are configurable in Admin, under System / Configuration / General - Varnish Options
  3. Automatically clears (only) cached pages when products, categories and CMS pages are saved.
  4. Adds a new cache type in Magento Admin, under System / Cache Management and offers the possibility to deactivate the cache and refresh the cache.
  5. Notifies Admin users when a category navigation is saved and Varnish cache needs to be refreshed so that the menu will be updated for all pages.
  6. Turns off varnish cache automatically for users that have products in the cart or are logged in, etc.)
  7. Default varnish configuration offered so that the module is workable.

Screen shots:

Instalation instructions

  1. Make sure you have modman installed:

curl > modman
chmod +x modman
sudo mv modman /usr/bin
  1. Clone the git repository:

cd [magento root folder]
modman init
modman magneto-varnish clone git://

In case you get an error that git is not found, you'll have to install git and rerun the last command. This can be done like this on Ubuntu: sudo aptitude install git-core

  1. Flush Magento cache to enable the extension


Delete project checked under modman folder and clean created symlinks.

cd [magento root folder]
rm -rf .modman/magneto-varnish
modman clean


  1. Apache started and listening on port 81 (Varnish configuration is using this port)
  2. Varnish installed and listening on port 80; please use the config from repo
  3. Varnish servers configured in admin