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Experimental fork that tries out daring and cutting edge features. Forked from here -
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Welcome to QZDoom!

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QZDoom is a fork of GZDoom for beta testing new features that have not yet been included in GZDoom's mainline.

Copyright (c) 1998-2019 ZDoom + GZDoom teams, and contributors

Doom Source (c) 1997 id Software, Raven Software, and contributors

Please see license files for individual contributor licenses

Special thanks to Coraline of the 3DGE team for allowing us to use her as a template for this one.

Licensed under the GPL v3

How to build QZDoom

To build QZDoom, please see the wiki and see the "Programmer's Corner" on the bottom-right corner of the page to build for your platform.

Follow the same instructions as with GZDoom, except substituting "coelckers/gzdoom" with "madame-rachelle/qzdoom" in order to link this repository in your build environment.

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