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Pentadactyl for Pale Moon | New official repo is here
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This repo is unmaintained!

Please look at the new official repo here: pentadactyl/pentadactyl.

Pentadactyl for Pale Moon

This is a port of one of the best XUL-based Firefox extensions, targeting Pale Moon 27. The goal of this project is to make Pentadactyl compatible with Pale Moon, while staying as close to the upstream as possible.


The recommended way to install is via the download button at the Pale Moon Addons website page. Installed this way, the extension could be updated automatically by the browser.

Alternatively, you can always find XPI files and source code of all releases at the Releases page.

Reporting issues

This repo is intended only to fix Pale Moon specific compatibility issues. If you have a general feature request or found a non-PaleMoon-specific bug, please report them upstream.


Build XPI from sources

git clone --depth 1000
cd pentadactyl-pm/
make -C pentadactyl xpi

This resulting XPI will be placed in the downloads/ folder.

Build dependencies

  • zip
  • gmake
  • Standard POSIX commands: awk, echo, sed, sh

While most developers use a Unix-like operating system, you can also build Pentadactyl on Windows with the help of MinGW's MSYS, Cygwin, or SFU.

Install without XPI

As creating and installing a new XPI file after each update is cumbersome, most developers run Pentadactyl directly from their working copies. This is achieved with Firefox extension proxy file, which is a plain text file named after the extension ID and its contents is just a path to the extension source directory.

Assuming you use the default profile, the following command will create the proxy file:

cd /path/to/cloned/pentadactyl-pm/
# On clean profile, ensure that 'extensions' directory exists inside of the profile directory.
echo "$(pwd)/pentadactyl" >~/'.moonchild productions/pale moon'/*.default/extensions/

Once you installed Pentadactyl via the proxy file, restart the browser. Afterwards, you can use :rehash command to reload the extension without further browser restarts. Moreover, you can bind it to a key chord in your ~/.pentadactylrc:

nmap -ex <C-r> :rehash
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