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Python based battleship game
+I've always wanted to create my own battleship game, and figured it would be a good project for learning different facets of a new language.
+10 x 10 game board
+ships of sizes (5,4,3,3,2) - might have variations of this
+options to consider in gameplay
+- fire 1 shot at a time or multiples, commonly 3 or 5?
+ - set number or decline as you lose ships?
+ - if it declines, base off of number of ships left or largest ship left?
+- does hitting the enemy give you a free shot? even if playing with multiple shots?
+- maybe option to only tell how many shot hit in salvo mode
+- maybe optional rules preventing adjacent ship placement
+- some versions announce near-misses (splashes)
+- some versions do not announe that a ship was sunk
+- some versions announce a sinking, but not which ship

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