Creates a PTR Record for a Rackspace NextGen Cloud Server.
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Open Cloud PTR Creater

This is a simple script that will create a PTR record for a Next Generation Cloud Server.

The function of the script is such that, you simply need to enter your details and all of the rest is done automagically.

Use Case :
  • Create a PTR (Reverse DNS) Record
  • Update a PTR (Reverse DNS) Record
Application :
The script can be used with all variables passed on the command line or interactively.
function :
If the script it run without any variables, the script will prompt for all needed information. <USERNAME> <APIKEY> <LOCATION> <DATACENTER> <SERVERNAME> <DOMAINNAME>
Want to see it in Action?
I have a screen cast will show you how to build the PTR record.

Shoot me a line if you have any questions.