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Original Author
o Tom Gilbert (giblet) <>
Ruthless Tyrant (yes, that means 'project leader')
o Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta (tango_) <>
Sanity keeper (aka 'my main role here is to bitch a lot about even the legitimate patches')
o Dmitry Kim (jsn) <dmitry dot kim at gmail dot com>
YAML & Multilingual expert, blame collector
o Yaohan Chen (hagabaka) <>
Insanity keeper
o Mark Kretschmann (markey) <>
Pusher (aka 'my main role here is to bitch a lot about the delay in the releases')
o Raine Virta (rane_) <>
Chuck Norris trainer
o Chris Gahan (epitron) <>
Patch contributors
o Peter Suschlik (pesu) <>
o Alexey I. Froloff <>
o Ari Pollak <>
o Rudolf Polzer <>
o René Nussbaumer <>
o Adam James (atj) <>
o Robert Corsaro (doki_pen) <>
o Jesse Keys (jessekeys) <>
o Jan Wikholm (unfo-) <>
o Moritz Augsburger (moemoe) <>
o Alexander Beisig <>
o Casey Link (Ramblurr) <>
Module contributors
o dice.rb - David Dorward (Dorward) <>
o lart.rb - Michael Brailsford <>
o stats.rb - Michael Brailsford <>
o ri.rb - Michael Brailsford <>
o bash/threat - Robin Kearney <>
"Testing" (having fun breaking rbot creatively)
o Paul Duncan (pabs) <>
o Richard Lowe (richlowe) <>
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