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Pre-release checklist:
* Update .po files (rake updatepo). Remember to add any new po(t) files.
Release checklist:
* prepare a changelog from git shortlog
* tag the release with (./tag-release <version>). The script takes care of everything, including building the package
* git push, with tags
* upload packages to website's download folder
* update milestones and versions on the website
* prepare announcement on the website (use the changelog prepared before)
* change the website front page
* update the IRC topic
* [jsn] upload the gem (gem push rbot-<version>.gem)
* [jsn] update release info on rubyforge (needs release notes and changelog, take from announcement)
* [jsn] update release info on freshmeat (needs changes summary, see above)
* write a journal entry on ohloh.net about #rbot <version> being released