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HTML5 Canvas API for drawille.


$ npm install drawille-canvas

In node v0.10 it's a bit slow, with node v0.11 it runs very smoothly.


See example, check out in the console (node example) or in the browser (example.html).


new Canvas(width, height)

Create a new Canvas with the given dimensions. For method details, see CanvasRenderingContext2D on MDN

c.fillRect(x, y, w, h)

Fill the given area of the canvas.

c.clearRect(x, y, w, h)

Clear the given area of the canvas.

Save the current transformation matrix on the stack.


Restore the last transformation matrix.

c.translate(x, y)

Translate the current transformation matrix.


Rotate the current transformation matrix with the given angles.

c.scale(x, y)

Scale the current transformation matrix.


Start a new path.


Close the current path.

c.moveTo(x, y)

Move the starting point of the next segment to the given coordinates.

c.lineTo(x, y)

Connect the starting point with the given point with a straight line.

c.arc(x, y, radius, start_angle, end_angle, anticlockwise)

Draw an arc between two angles at centre x, y.


Stroke the current path.


Fill the current path.


Return canvas itself, for compliance with browser.

c.width, c.height

Canvas dimensions.


Return the current content of canvas as a string with braille characters.

c.getImageData(sx, sy, sw, sh)

Return an ImageData object { width, height, data }, representing the underlying canvas data for the area of the canvas denoted by the rectangle which starts at sx, sy and has an sw width and sh height. data property is a string with braille characters.

c.putImageData(imagedata, dx, dy [, dirtyX, dirtyY, dirtyWidth, dirtyHeight])

Paint data from the given imagedata object { width, height, data } onto the canvas. If a dirty rectangle is provided, only the area from that rectangle is painted.