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A simple IRC bot that keeps a rotating list of messages to perform regular expressions on.
It has a configuration file with INI-like syntax, all of it is described in 'regexbot.example.ini'. By default, the bot will try to read a configuration file specified on the commandline, or 'regexbot.ini' if none is specified.
It records all messages it sees, except regular expressions. You perform a substitution like this:
It only supports the 'i' (case insensitive) option, and is always greedy (g-option). It has perl-compatible regular expressions.
Escaping forward slashes is not supported, instead represent a forward slash with the octal escape sequence \057.
The bot features an ignore-list and "cooldown ignore timer", so it will ignore people with a hostmask you specify (as a regular expression, of course), and also ignore those when too many commands are sent.