Python wrapper for the CloudFlare Client API
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This is a 1:1 wrapper around the CloudFlare API in Python


This software is released under no license. It is free for you to use, steal, sell, break, modify, or really anything else.


sudo python install


To call the API wrapper, this has to be done.

from cloudflare import CloudFlare
cfapi = CloudFlare(your_email, your_api_key)

All methods are exact copies of the CloudFlare API documentation found here. Please note, when I say exact copy, I mean EXACT copy. The parameters are in the same order. Any optional parameters can be skipped with None.

Updating an A record from this API would look like this...

result = cfapi.DIUP('', ',')
#=> Returns a dict of what the API returned for that method.


I will provide support via email ( or by Twitter (@xietak)