python library for accessing many url shortening services
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Access many URL shortening services from one library.

Supported URL shortening services for shrinking long urls:                                                     (tweetburner)

Shorty can expand any url service by getting the redirect
location by requesting the tiny url.

Shorty also comes with a service called sandbox. This service stores
the urls in memory and is useful for testing your application
independently from a remote service.

See for a demo of using this library.

    Each URL service is implemented in its own module inside the services
    folder. To use this library you must compile all the various modules together.
    To compile you will use the script.

        python <services>

    <services> is a space separated list of the services you want include.
    If you wish to use all supported services use the --all flag instead.
    After the script runs a file named '' will appear.
    This is the module you will be using inside your projects.
    A copy of the full module will be kept in this repository.

    Simply include the module in your python path.
    If using a version of python before 2.6 you will also need
    to have simplejson installed.