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Addon for openFrameworks to add icons and text to the statusbar of Mac OS X (needs support - see readme)
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Experimental add-on for openFrameworks, that allows adding of icons and/or text to the Mac OS X statusbar.


State of the add-on

My knowledge of objective-c is quite limited, therefor not everything is working at the moment and pull requests are highly appreciated. As said before, it is already possible to add an image and / or text to the statusbar. Also an alternative image (=image on hover) can be defined. The 'example-basic' shows the current state of development.


Things, I could not solve until now:

  • Make NSStatusItem *statusItem global (define in header file)
  • Get Coordinates (1)
  • Add Click handler/Double-Click hander/Right-Click hander
  • Allow passing of ofImage instead of the path
  • Modification/removal of icon at runtime.

I've already started a discussion at the openFrameworks forum.


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