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A home for rich UI components based on KnockoutJS
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Knockout UI is a collection of UI components based on Knockout and JQuery UI.

The goal of this project is to collect together a number of useful widgets that can be reused and expanded by the community and to act as a learning tool for people looking for more advanced examples of how to use knockout.

I started to learn Knockout in Dec 2010 and built a some successful UI's with it. I had a number of components lying around so I thought I would start this project to share what I had and get feedback and suggestions from the Knockout community.

Most of the components use existing JQuery UI functionality where possible (e.g Autocomplete). Hence this project is not framework agnostic.

I hope you find something useful here.

Included :

  • Tree
  • Autocomplete
  • Dropdown
  • Context Menu
  • Window Manager
  • Tabs
  • Editor - This is an experimental contenteditable rich text editor, and is designed only for the latest browsers.

In the pipeline :

  • All components accept overrides for templates.
  • Skinned Radio/Checkbox
  • Grid
  • Flickr Gallery
  • Tooltip

License: MIT

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