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NNTP binary poster with mulitple connection support
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This project is no longer being actively maintained. It still works fine but no new features will ever be appearing. Check out my GoPostStuff project for a new and much scarier version of the idea.


newsmangler is a basic client for posting binaries to Usenet. The only notable feature is multiple connection support to efficiently utilize modern bandwidth.


  1. Download the source: git clone git:// (or download a .zip I guess).
  2. Copy sample.conf to ~/.newsmangler.conf, edit the options as appropriate. cp sample.conf ~/.newsmangler.conf nano ~/.newsmangler.conf
  3. Download and install the yenc module for greatly improved yEnc encoding speed.


Make a directory containing the files you wish to post, the _directory name_ will be used as the post subject. For example, with a directory structure such as:

test post please ignore/
  • test.nfo
  • test.part1.rar
  • test.part2.rar

And the command line: python "test post please ignore"

The files will post as:
test post please ignore [1/3] - "test.nfo" yEnc (1/1) test post please ignore [2/3] - "test.part1.rar" yEnc (01/27) test post please ignore [3/3] - "test.part2.rar" yEnc (01/27)

See python --help for other options.

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