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import os
import sys
import random
import string
trainingData = open('./Data.txt').readlines()
table = {} #lol will get massive
data = []
words = []
for line in trainingData:
for word in line.split():
for idx in xrange(0,len(words)-2):
w1, w2, w3 = words[idx], words[idx+1], words[idx+2]
w1 = w1.translate(string.maketrans("",""), string.punctuation)
w2 = w2.translate(string.maketrans("",""), string.punctuation)
w3 = w3.translate(string.maketrans("",""), string.punctuation)
words[idx], words[idx+1], words[idx+2] = w1, w2, w3
key = (w1,w2)
val = w3
if key in table:
table[key] = [val]
seed = random.randint(0, len(words)-3)
w1, w2 = words[seed], words[seed+1]
gen = []
for i in xrange(0,int(sys.argv[1])):
w1, w2 = w2, random.choice(table[(w1,w2)])
print ' '.join(gen)
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