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$Id: UPGRADE.txt,v 1.3 2008/12/20 00:56:45 dww Exp $
This file contains specific instructions for upgrading your site's
version of signup.module to a new release. You should always check
this file when you download a new version to see if there are any
specific things you need to know about a certain upgrade.
* Upgrading to 6.x-1.0-rc3 (from any earlier version)
There is a new permission called "cancel signups" which is required
to cancel other user's signups at the signup administration tab at
node/N/signups. There is no automatic upgrade path that adds this
permission to roles which current can administer signups. If you want
any roles to be able to cancel other user's signups, you must visit
admin/user/permissions and manually configure which roles should be
allowed to cancel other user's signups.
* Upgrading to 5.x-2.5 (from any earlier version)
The 5.x-2.5 release greatly improves themeability of this module, so
be sure to search the code for "function theme_" to find all the
things you can now override in your theme.
Furthermore, 5.x-2.5 adds new functionality regarding the list of
users who have signed up for a given node. There is now a default
view for this listing (if your site is running the Views module from Furthermore, there are some new
advanced settings to control if and where you want the list of signed
up users to appear. See the new step #8 in the INSTALL.txt file.
* Upgrading to 5.x-2.3 (from any earlier version)
The 5.x-2.3 release improves support for the Views module, by moving
all of the hard-coded parts of the signup interface that can be
implemented with views into a separate file (
This file is only included if the Views module is not enabled on your
site. Now, you have full control to modify the "Current signups"
block and the listing of current signups at user/[#]/signups using the
Views administrative user interface (admin/build/views).
However, this means that if your site had the old "List of users
current signups" block enabled, and you have the Views module
installed (or install it at any point when running signup 5.x-2.3 or
later), you will have to manually enable the "Current signups" block
(which might also have the name "signup_current_signups") by visiting
the admin/build/block page on your site.
NOTE: the default views that are defined by work
best with at least Views version 5.x-1.6 or later.
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