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Ethereum Smart Contracts Security Monitoring
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Tool for analyzing smart contracts using mythril


Heimdall Scanner


Follow next steps for getting heimdall badge:

  1. Badge URL:<owner>/<repository>
  2. Report URL:<owner>/<repository>
  3. Markdown badge:
[![Heimdall Scanner](<owner>/<repository>)](<owner>/<repository>) 
  1. HTML badge:
<a href="<owner>/<repository>">
    <img src="<owner>/<repository>">

Notes: replace owner and github url path.


  1. Install mythril via pypi Mythril require additional setup doc from mythril source code:
Whenever you disassemble or analyze binary code, Mythril will try to
resolve function names using its local signature database. The database
must be provided at ``~/.mythril/signatures.json``. You can start out
with the `default file <signatures.json>`__ as follows:
    $ cd ~/.mythril
    $ wget
  1. Install project dependencies:
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Go to project scanner dir
    $ cd scanner
  3. Create github personal token:
  4. Setup firebase connection:
    Take certificate from Project Settings -> Service account -> Generate new private key
    Place this certificate inside project root.
    Database url from Firebase real-time database settings.
  1. Run ginicorn:
    Temporary define large timeout, will be fixed:
    $ gunicorn main:run --bind localhost:8000 --worker-class aiohttp.GunicornWebWorker -e GITHUB_TOKEN=<token_here> -e FIREBASE_CERTIFICATE=<FIREBASE_CERTIFICATE_PATH> -e FIREBASE_DATABASE=<FIREBASE_DATABASE> -t 200 --reload
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