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Revision history for Net-ILO
0.54 07/1/2011
- constructor now accepts either hash or hashref
- added configurable privileges for non-admin users to add_user() (thanks to Chris Sarginson)
- added ability to read 'Caution' and 'Critical' thresholds from temperature sensors (thanks to Matthew Stier)
- better error checking for invalid port (as well as an additional unit test)
- documented 'debug' parameter in new()
- fixed several typos in comments
- whitespace cleanup
0.53 11/18/2010
- added ability to activate advanced license from Net::ILO
- removed username/password checking cruft from https_port() and network()
0.52 09/27/2010
- fix for older versions (<=5.8.0) of perl (thanks to Darko Pejakov)
0.51 08/16/2010
- if mac01 is set and mac03/04 aren't, calling mac04 or mac04 returns immediately rather than sending iLO request
- renamed fw_version to get_fw_version for consistency
- fixed bug in get_fw_version() where error condition wasn't propagated
- fixed test in t/04-generate_cmd to work with iLO 3 changes
0.50 08/13/2010
- BETA support for iLO 3
- added methods for mac03 and mac04
- _populate_host_data no longer depends on the order of data returned
- _send formats XML nicely, without leading / trailing spaces
0.43 07/28/2010
- moved XML header and footer generation to its own function [wrap()]
- added new methods for gathering server health:
- fans()
- power_supplies()
- temperatures()
- alphabetized commands in _generate_cmd()
0.42 07/26/2010
- Removed bad test from t/03-serialize.t
0.41 07/21/2010
- Fixed bug in del_user() so it behaves as documented
- Fixed bug in _serialize() so it doesn't barf if passed null data
- Removed POD tests as they were interfering with build environments
- Added several dozen unit tests
- Removed .git directory from CPAN distribution (argh!)
- MANIFEST is now complete
0.40 07/19/2010
- First release version