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Release history for RackMan
- Converted the Changes file to CPAN::Changes::Spec format.
1.19 / 2016-05-06 / SAPER
[Internal changes]
- CPAN RT #90914: use Module::Runtime::require_module instead of
- Added SUPPORT and LICENSE sections.
- Make sure author tests are only executed when AUTHOR_TESTING=1
- Adapt t/98-kwalitee.t to the new Test::Kwalitee API.
- Added LICENSE file
1.18 / 2013-01-07 / SAPER
- Modified t/00-load.t to compile check the commands.
- Modified t/01-programs.t so it only execute the tests in environments
where Test::Cmd can find and load the required modules.
- Fixed t/50-rackman-scm.t so it (hopefully) passes on Win32.
- Prevent errors in Test::Kwalitee from making the tests fail.
- Added missing prereqs.
1.17 / 2012-12-14 / SAPER
- racktables-check: Allow to process on specific named devices.
- RackMan::Device: Added method physical_interfaces() to make the
network interfaces check in racktables-check more natural.
Rewrote regular_mac_addrs(), regular_ipv4addrs(), regular_ipv6addrs()
so the names to filter out can be configured using the parameters
[general]/management_interfaces and [general]/virtual_interfaces.
- Trying to fix some test failures that show up in CPAN Testers.
- Added a few more tests to t/50-rackman-scm.t
1.16 / 2012-12-13 / SAPER
- racktables-check: The short version of the --format option now is -t.
- racktables-check: Added the same --filter option than cfengine-tags.
- cfengine-tags: Restructured the documentation a bit.
1.15 / 2012-12-11 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Added option --class-names.
- Improved the documentation a bit.
- Adjusted t/50-rackman-scm.t to handle some variants of Moose diagnostics.
- Added bin/racktables-check to Build.PL and Makefile.PL so it is actually
installed, and to make tests pass.
1.14 / 2012-12-02 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Added option --output-path.
- RackMan::Device's regular_mac_addrs() now only returns ports with
a defined MAC address.
- Fixed a stupid bug in RackMan::Format::Bacula.
- Adapted t/01-programs.t and fixed a few dist related things.
1.13 / 2012-11-23 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Now create the files with fully qualified tag names.
- cfengine-tags: Small optimisation.
- Added bin/racktables-check.
- Added a new RackMan::Device attribute, tag_tree.
- RackMan::Device's implicit_tags attribute now returns all the parent tags.
- A small change in RackMan::File allows for a simpler use in some cases.
- Added RackMan::Device::VM to improve support for VMs.
1.12 / 2012-11-16 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Avoid a warning when an attribute is missing.
- Added a default has_ilo value for Server objects.
- The Server role now provides a has_ilo template parameter.
- The HP_ProLiant role now provides an ilo_fqdn template parameter.
- Better support for VMs.
1.11 / 2012-11-14 / SAPER
- Added the --formats, --no-write-device-config, --only-formats, --output
and --template options.
- Added the Generic format.
- Better support for VMs.
1.10 / 2012-11-08 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Support for device filtering on tags and attributes.
- The HP_ProLiant role now provides an ilo_name template parameter, an
ilo_fqdn attribute, and requires the IP address to have a valid reverse.
- Modified some formats to make them more parametrized.
- Anonymized what needed to be, for publication as a free software.
1.09 / 2012-10-24 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Actually avoid duplicate names in tag files.
- Enforce some assertions about the network interfaces.
1.08 / 2012-10-16 / SAPER
- cfengine-tags: Allow the use of attribute values as tag names.
- cfengine-tags: Avoid duplicate names in tag files.
- Added support for checking iLO subsystems in Nagios.
- Replaced Rackman::Device::*'s constant CONFIG_FORMATS with the method
formats(), thus allowing to specify the associated formats from the
configuration file. Tests and documentation were modified accordingly.
- Factored the RackTables types in a dedicated module.
- Moved all the attributes and methods related to iLO in the
HP_Proliant role.
- Fixed the default templates.
- Fixed t/93-eol.t
1.07 / 2012-02-03 / LPN
- Added attributes and methods related to iLO
- Shortened the templates variable names
1.06 / 2012-01-27 / SAPER
- Added bin/cfengine-tags to generate tags files for Cfengine.
- RackMan::Tasks::task_list() can now return the list of devices instead
of just printing it.
- Added RackMan::Types to handle types translation between RackTables
and RackMan, with provision for future types.
- Added t/01-programs.t to test the commands.
- Added mocked Cacti commands, for test purpose.
1.05 / 2012-01-20 / SAPER
- Formats now throw an error when a mandatory attribute is missing.
- Template parameters have all been factored into RackMan::Template.
- Some template parameters have changed: host_ipaddr now is host_if0_ip,
host_macaddr now is host_if0_mac, host_name now is host_fqdn.
- New template parameters: host_name, host_if0_name.
- RackMan::Device::Server::HP_ProLiant now mandates the iLO subsystem
to have a FQDN.
1.04 / 2012-01-18 / SAPER
- Verbose mode now prints the SCM commands being executed.
1.03 / 2012-01-16 / SAPER
- Added RackMan::Format::PXE.
- The host_name parameter in Device::Format::DHCP and ::Kickstart now
contains the FQDN whenever possible.
- Added t/93-eol.t, t/98-kwalitee.t, t/99-distchk.t
1.02 / 2012-01-13 / SAPER
- Added new template parameters in Device::Format::DHCP and ::Kickstart.
- Several internal fixes and adjustements.
1.01 / 2012-01-11 / SAPER
- bin/cisco-status no longer try to resolve VRRP addresses, and check that
the switch is actually a Cisco device.
- Added cgi/rackapi to provide a small web service access.
- RackMan::Format::DHCP and ::Kickstart now support more template
parameters, which are now documented.
- Added a workaround for a small bug in old versions of Term::ANSIcolor.
1.00 / 2012-01-03 / SAPER
- Improved the info task output by sorting the ports by their names.
- Fixed a cosmetic issue with the diff output.
- Handle some corner case with Cisco devices.
- Fixed some incompatibilities between Perl before 5.12 and IPv6 support.
- Improved the documentation, which can now be easily converted to HTML
with the tools/make_doc script.
- Now install config file as rack.sample.conf to avoid overwriting
existing configuration.
0.99 / 2011-12-21 / SAPER
- Added bin/cisco-status to display the status of a Cisco network switch.
- Configuration file is now installed within the PREFIX hierarchy.
0.98 / 2011-12-19 / SAPER
- Add support for DNS settings in the APC_RackPDU role.
0.97 / 2011-12-16 / SAPER
- Support the --device_password option within the Cisco_Catalyst role.
- Handle Rackman::Device objects lacking an expected role.
- Adjusted installation process.
0.96 / 2011-12-14 / SAPER
- Fixed a small bug that prevented to fetch implicit tags.
0.95 / 2011-12-07 / SAPER
- Implemented RackMan::Format::Cacti.
0.90 / 2011-12-02 / SAPER
- Tested and debugged the RackMan::Device::* roles PDU::APC_RackPDU,
Server::HP_ProLiant and Switch::Cisco_Catalyst.
- Now use Term::ANSIColor for outputing colors.
0.80 / 2011-12-01 / SAPER
- Implemented RackMan::Device::Switch::Cisco_Catalyst.
- Factored out the diff code in Rackman::Utils.
0.70 / 2011-11-30 / SAPER
- Implemented RackMan::Device::Server::HP_ProLiant
0.60 / 2011-11-24 / SAPER
- Improved RackMan::Config to allow per-device configuration.
- Added a "list" action.
- Fixed and improved t/50-rackman-scm.t
0.55 / 2011-11-17 / SAPER
- Completely finalised RackMan::Device::PDU::APC_RackPDU, with a new
implementation of its "diff" task, and the completion of the "push" task.
- Added RackTables::Schema::Result::viewRack
0.50 / 2011-11-16 / SAPER
- Finalised most of RackMan::Device::PDU::APC_RackPDU, including a tentative
implementation of its "diff" task.
- Added RackMan::Config.
0.45 / 2011-11-15 / SAPER
- Implemented a good chunk of RackMan::Device::PDU::APC_RackPDU, including
the config generation part.
0.40 / 2011-11-10 / SAPER
- Finalised formats generation for DHCP, Kickstart, LDAP, Bacula, Nagios.
Prepared Cacti format.
- Added RackMan::SCM, RackMan::Template.
0.30 / 2011-11-04 / SAPER
- Added Rackman::File.
- Working prototypes for some formats: Nagios, Kickstart, DHCP, LDAP.
0.20 / 2011-11-01 / SAPER
- Finalised RackMan::Device.
- Finalised "info" task. Prepared "diff" and "write" tasks.
0.10 / 2011-10-26 / SAPER
- Designed rack architecture.
- Added tools/schema to properly update the schema from the RackTables
0.01 / 2011-10-19 / SAPER
- First prototype to extract information from RackTables using DBIx::Class.