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@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ This is a new version from my old AimStatusHelper. This one uses the crappy AIM
I've loosened up how you use the helper now and made it a bit more dynamic. With these 3 available methods, you should be able to get away with whatever format and visualization you want now. The old way was pretty gross, I know.
I've included some icons to get you started. The first are iChat inspired icons. The second come from the wonderful Silk icon collection by Mark James.
@@ -22,8 +21,6 @@
Some Uses:
aim_status 'maddox123456' => "online"
@@ -33,11 +30,3 @@ aim_status_icon 'maddox123456' => image tag with status_online.png as its path
aim_to 'Jon Maddox', 'maddox123456' => a link that will pop open an AIM window to text me
aim_to( aim_status_icon('maddox123456'), 'maddox123456') => the status icon corresponding to my status with a link to message me.

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