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CI Joe: Because knowing is half the battle.
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CI Joe

Because knowing is half the battle.

The Battle


$ rip install git://
$ git clone git://
$ cijoe yourrepo

Basically you need to run cijoe and hand it the path to a git repo. Make sure this isn't a shared repo: Joe is gonna mess with it and therefor needs to own it.

Need to do some massaging of your repo before the tests run, like maybe swapping in a new database.yml? No problem - Joe will try to run .git/hooks/after-reset if it exists. Do it in there.


Want Joe to notify Campfire? Put this in your repo's .git/config:

    user =
    pass = passw0rd
    subdomain = whatever
    room = Awesomeness

Or do it the old fashion way:

$ cd yourrepo
$ git config --add campfire.user
$ git config --add campfire.domain github


Multiple Projects

Want Joe to work for multiple projects? Just start multiple instances of Joe! He can run on any port - try cijoe -h for more options.

( Chris Wanstrath :: )

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