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How To Use

Create an instance

imdb =
imdb = => true) # this will anonymize your requests to prevent getting your ip banned

Search for a movie by title

imdb.find_by_title("The Dark Knight") => [{:title => "The Dark Knight", :year => "2008", :imdb_id => "tt0468569"}, {:title => "Batman Unmasked", ...}]

Get a movie by its imdb_id

movie = imdb.find_movie_by_id("tt0468569")

movie.title => "The Dark Knight"
movie.rating => 8.1
movie.certification => "PG-13"

Get a movie trailer poster

movie = imdb.find_movie_by_id("tt1210166")

movie.trailer_url => ""

Find the top 250 movies of all time

imdb.top_250 => [{:title => "Shawshank Redemption", :year => "1994", :imdb_id => "tt0111161"}, {:title => "The Godfather", ...}]

Get the currently popular tv shows

imdb.popular_shows => [{:title => "Glee", :year => "2009", :imdb_id => "tt1327801"}, {:title => "Dexter", ...}]

Running the tests

Install dependencies

gem install jeweler
gem install shoulda
gem install httparty

Run the tests

rake test
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