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Rails plugin that will help you embed quicktime content
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Jon Maddox

The quicktime helper makes use of Geoff Stearns' qtobject.js to give you a standards compliant way to embed Quicktime in your page. It also provides friendly detection.

After including the 'qtobject.js' file in your view, using the quicktime_tag helper is simple:

<%= quicktime_tag(:path_to_video_file, :id, :width, :height, options = {} ) %>

You can also use a placeholder image by adding :placeholder to the options hash. Pass in a path to an image and you're 
Quicktime video will be preceded with a placeholder image, click it to start the movie. You know, just like Apple Trailers.

<%= quicktime_tag(:path_to_video_file, :id, :width, :height, {:placeholder => "/images/click-to-play.gif", :loop => true, :autoplay => false} ) %>

Extra parameters that are used by the quicktime embed object can be added using the options hash. For Example:

<%= quicktime_tag(:path_to_video_file, :id, :width, :height, {:loop => true, :autoplay => false} ) %>

use 'rake update_quicktime_script' if the javascript didn't get placed in /public/javascripts.

qtobject.js was masterfully created by Geoff Stearns
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