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204 ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,207 @@
+Changes from 0.2.0 Beta to 0.3.0 Beta
+o Xcode 3.0 DocSet Documentation
+ ------------------------------
+The DocSet documentation is essentially the HTML documentation with a few
+minor tweaks. It is created by the scripts:
+ is pretty horrific, and was kludged together very quickly.
+It creates the required 'Nodes.xml' and 'Tokens.xml' by extracting the
+information from the documentation database and rewrites the anchors in
+the html files to use the '//apple_ref/' style format. This is not used
+in the normal HTML documentation because it isn't valid HTML (tidy throws
+a fit and there's hundreds of warnings generated.) However, the docset
+tool chain appears to be much happier with apple_ref style anchors, so the
+legal html name anchors are rewritten.
+Once all these pieces are in placed, and a Info.plist is created, the
+'docsetutil' command is run to build the DocSet index and that's pretty
+much it.
+o Garbage Collection
+ ------------------
+Mac OS X 10.5 Garbage Collection is controlled by the C Preprocessor flag
+ENABLE_MACOSX_GARBAGE_COLLECTION. A number of macros were created to ease
+various portability issues. Of special note is the framework global
+variable 'RKRegexGarbageCollect'. If ENABLE_MACOSX_GARBAGE_COLLECTION is
+defined, then RKRegexGarbageCollect is a int32_t defined in RKRegex.m.
+If ENABLE_MACOSX_GARBAGE_COLLECTION is not defined, then RKRegexGarbageCollect
+is #defined in RegexKitPrivate.h as '0'. Also in RegexKitPrivate.h are a
+number of macros for managing various Retain/Release/Autorelease.
+If ENABLE_MACOSX_GARBAGE_COLLECTION is defined, then RKRegex.m, RKCache.m, and
+NSString.m will all check and see if the class 'NSGarbageCollector' exists,
+and if so, check to see if garbage collection is enabled in their +load
+If ENABLE_MACOSX_GARBAGE_COLLECTION is not defined, then most of the macros
+become a compile time static conditional which the compiler will optimize away,
+so compiling on pre-10.5 or GNUstep is branchless. It was the best I could
+come up with for maximum portability while still maintaining readability.
+enabled at load time, then the class switches to using the new NSMapTable
+class for managing the cache. It places cached RKRegex objects in a NSMapTable
+with a weak reference to the object. This should allow for auto trimming
+of the cache to the working set. Not sure how it will work out in real life.
+o 64 bit support
+ --------------
+A set of macros was adopted to ease multi-platform 64 bit issues. They are
+essentially parallel to the Leopard NSInteger / NSUInteger types, except that
+they are cpp macros. They have the names RKInteger and RKUInteger / etc.
+They are re-written to either NSInteger or int depending on the detected
+run time environment. This allows for type checking / compatibility to be
+maintained for each environment. GNUstep still has things such as 'hash'
+defined as 'unsigned int', and for some of our objects we return the pointer
+to the instantiated object as the hash (there can be only one) and this
+causes truncation on GNUstep, but it should be OK.
+o GNUstep
+ -------
+Cleaned up various GNUstep pieces here and there while putting the 64 bit
+stuff in. Should build much cleaner now, with only a handful of warnings
+when compiling on a 64 bit platform for various hash functions, but this
+shouldn't be a problem in the real world.
+o RegexKit.framework Info.plist version bug fix
+ ---------------------------------------------
+The Info.plist in RegexKit 0.2.0 had a bug in the Info.plist file.
+The settings for the keys CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion
+where set to the variable ${REGEXKIT_CURRENT_VERSION} when they should
+have been set to ${PROJECT_CURRENT_VERSION}. Since the variable
+${REGEXKIT_CURRENT_VERSION} was undefined, this ended up expanding to
+nothing, so the correct version number is missing. This should be a
+fairly trivial bug in the grand scheme of things.
+o Mac OS X Installer .dmg distribution
+ ------------------------------------
+RegexKit 0.3.0 marks the introduction of a Mac OS X Installer based
+distribution. It bundles together the Mac OS X Binary executable
+RegexKit.framework, the Documentation, and the source code in to one
+convenient package. Each is grouped in to their own package, and by
+default RegexKit.framework and Documentation are selected to install while
+the source code package is not. There's some javascript code to disable
+a package if the version that is already installed is newer than the version
+that is attempting to install. Also, there's some logic so that the source
+code package will automatically default to selected if it detects that
+a previous install of the source code has been performed, thus auto upgrading
+without having to think about it.
+The Installer has a volume check script that requires 10.4 or later in order
+to install on a volume, and an installation check that checks to see if the
+file '/Developer/Applications/' exists. If it does not, it presents
+a warning that the Xcode Development Tools should be installed, but does not
+stop the installation.
+There's three main tuneables in the build configs:
+Since the overall distribution package gets placed on to a .dmg disk image,
+which is then BZip2 compressed (-format UDBZ), compressing the packages with
+gzip actually causes the final .dmg size to grow by about ~60-70K, or roughly
+10% in size. So, by default, we leave the packages uncompressed and let
+the disk image bzip2 deal with all the compression.
+The other option, DISTRIBUTION_INCLUDE_PCRE_PACKAGE, toggles whether or not
+the PCRE tarball used to build the framework is included in the Installer
+distribution. By default the choice is NO since this causes the final .dmg
+disk image to nearly double in size. There's some extra javascript logic so
+that the PCRE distribution is if and only if the source code package is
+selected to be installed. If the user selects the source code package,
+the PCRE package then auto selects itself to be installed as well. The
+PCRE package version is the PCRE Major.Minor, not the RegexKit version.
+Unlike the others it will allow an earlier version to be installed 'on
+top off' a newer version since this is largely harmless- Each PCRE
+tarball distribution is separate from the others.
+The file that creates the top level distribution package 'distribution.dist'
+file is in 'Source/Build/Scripts/'. It handles the logic
+of selectively inserting the PCRE choice depending on whether or not
+DISTRIBUTION_INCLUDE_PCRE_PACKAGE is set to YES. It also gathers some
+necessary information, such as a packages installed size, by using perls
+objective-c / foundation bridge to read the individual packages Info.plist
+files and extracting the appropriate keys.
+For each package (of which there are four, RegexKit.framework binary package,
+Documentation package, Source code package, and optionally the PCRE
+distribution package) there exists two .plist files, one info.plist and one
+desc.plist. The important one is the info.plist, and it contains the
+bundle identification and version information. The version information is
+replaced dynamically at build time by the
+'Source/Build/Scripts/' script. That script makes a
+copy of the plists to a private build staging area. Then, it calls the
+script 'Source/Build/Scripts/' which is a very simply perl script
+that again used the objective-c / foundation bridge to take three arguments:
+the plist file to operate on, the key to update, and the value to set the
+key to. uses this to update all the plists to the
+current RegexKit version as required by the package plist format. An
+additional .plist file, RegexKit_mpkg.plist, is largely for cosmetic purposes.
+It gets the version updated as well, but its sole purpose is to provide a
+version string to the finder when a 'Get Info' is performed and that's it.
+The text that's displayed during the installation process comes from four
+files, though only two are currently used. These are located in
+'Source/Build/Packagemaker/Resources/...', which is a localized .lproj style
+directory for localization purposes. Currently only English.lproj is present.
+The files are currently simple .rtf files, but .rtfd and .html are supported
+as well. Any changes to the file types would have to be updated in the file (it should be obvious where). Only 'ReadMe.rtf' and
+'License.rtf' are currently used, but both 'Welcome.rtf' and 'Conclusion.rtf'
+can be activated trivially by editing They get copied in
+to the distribution package right now, but the necessary lines in
+'distribution.dist' that is created by are missing.
+The tuneable DISTRIBUTION_DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR is self-explanatory.
+o Minor bug fixes
+ ---------------
+There were a handful of very minor, single line changes to fix some trivial
+bugs. These mostly had to do with inter-version differences between tools
+(ie, sqlite 3.1.3 -> later versions tweaks, minor accommodations to make
+building from the installer distribution run clean)
+o Build system tweaks
+ -------------------
+Replaced the 'debug: ' portion of various script status lines with 'note: '
+instead. This is mostly cosmetic. In the Makefile.pcre, added the makefile
+file name and line number of the message so clicking on it will take you
+right to that line. Updated most status messages to always output the
+filename and line number with the status indicator.
+The PCRE build target is largely driven by Makefiles. The scripts that invoke
+`make` were modified to set the -j argument, or the number of jobs to run
+in parallel, and the -l argument, or the load average where no new jobs can
+be started. The values for these parameters are derived from the sysctl
+variable 'hw.activecpu'. The -j parameter is set to the number of active
+CPU's, and the max load is set to the number of active CPU's + 2. This should
+allow those of you with multiple CPU's to build the PCRE target faster.
+However, sometimes building in parallel causes certain make dependency issues
+to crop up that don't happen when running sequentially.
+This can be disabled with the tuneable PCRE_PARALLEL_BUILD = NO.
+The Distribution target was also partially parallel build enabled as well.
Changes from Alpha test distribution
@@ -3,14 +3,22 @@
include $(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/common.make
# Assumes that the CWD is GNUstep
-REGEXKIT_ROOT_DIR = $(abspath ..)
+REGEXKIT_ROOT_DIR = $(abspath ..)
-PCRE_LIBS=$(shell pcre-config --libs)
-PCRE_CFLAGS=$(shell pcre-config --cflags)
+PCRE_LIBS = $(shell pcre-config --libs)
+PCRE_CFLAGS = $(shell pcre-config --cflags)
+PCRE_HEADER = $(shell perl -e '$$x = "${PCRE_CFLAGS}"; $$x =~ /\-I(.*?\/include\b)/; print("$$1/pcre.h");')
+ORIGINAL_RK_PCRE_HEADER = $(shell diff -q '${REGEXKIT_HEADERS_DIR}/RegexKit/pcre.h' '${REGEXKIT_SOURCE_DIR}/Build/Distribution/distribution_pcre.h')
+$(info Copying the installed PCRE's '${PCRE_HEADER}' to RegexKit's Headers directory at '${REGEXKIT_HEADERS_DIR}/RegexKit/pcre.h')
+$(shell cp '${PCRE_HEADER}' '${REGEXKIT_HEADERS_DIR}/RegexKit/pcre.h')
vpath %.h ${REGEXKIT_HEADERS_DIR}/RegexKit
@@ -29,10 +37,6 @@ libRegexKit_HEADER_FILES_INSTALL_DIR = /RegexKit
# Include the PCRE library
-# cp -p /usr/local/include/pcre.h '${REGEXKIT_HEADERS_DIR}/${PACKAGE_NAME}/pcre.h'
include $(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/library.make
include $(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/aggregate.make
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
Important Information
-RegexKit uses the PCRE library, copyright and written by Philip Hazel, as
-its regular expression pattern matching engine. Therefore, RegexKit
-requires and incorporates the PCRE library in to the framework executable.
-Because of this, you should be aware of the PCRE library licensing
+RegexKit uses the PCRE library, written by Philip Hazel and
+Copyright © 1997-2007 University of Cambridge, as its regular expression
+pattern matching engine. Therefore, RegexKit requires and incorporates the
+PCRE library in to the framework executable. Because of this, you should be
+aware of the PCRE library licensing requirements.
@@ -1,2 +1 @@
-GNUstep support was not tested for this release so there may be some
-lingering issues.
+See the ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes files.
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