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1 parent c609bd8 commit 498b9a3688a4b28acad4ec4e5e55fe68f77866bf Rémi Denis-Courmont committed Feb 21, 2009
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@@ -47,17 +47,13 @@ The bootstrap script does the following actions: file. A module "foo" exists if there is a file in
the modules/ directory which defines SOURCES_foo.
- - create a top-level file (which will be included by
- which contains additional build rules for modules, and includes all the
- files that were found in modules/
- create an m4/private.m4 from, generating m4 macros that will
be needed by
- create a file for each file found in modules/ .
- - run autopoint (previously gettextize) to create an intl/ directory,
- needed when libgettext is not available.
+ - run autopoint (previously gettextize) to provide build system support
+ for internationalization.
- run the usual aclocal, autoheader, automake and autoconf, which create
the various files from the corresponding and the

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