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Use canvas to composite images above and below uploaded photograph
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Compositr 🌆 + 🌅 = 🌇

Code Climate

Use canvas to easily composite images. Supports file uploading and image URLs


  • Composite several HTMLImageElements and HTMLCanvasElements together in a few lines of code
  • Accepts Promises for drawing when images are loaded
  • Helper methods to easily load images via File or URL
  • Helper methods to easily load images uploaded by user
  • Flow typings


npm install compositr --save


yarn add compositr


See /example


Compositr.draw is passed an Array of Layers which describe the images, how the are composited and the order in which they are drawn (implicitly using the order of items in the Array).

Each Layer has 3 properties: image, operation and opacity

  • image is one of <HTMLImageElement> | <HTMLCanvasElement> | <Promise>
  • operation is a string, see supportedCompositionOperations in src/constants.js
  • opacity is a number from 0 to 1

Take note: operation is not reset when each new layer is drawn but opacity is reset to 1

With HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement & Promise:

  // Construction
  const outputCanvas = document.querySelector('.output')
  const compositr = new Compositr(outputCanvas)

  * The composition will consist of 3 sources:
  * 1. An HTMLImageElement 
  * 2. A HTMLCanvasElement (different to the output canvas)
  * 3. A Promise for an image loaded via URI by the helper function 
  const imageElement = document.querySelector('.some-image')
  const webglDrawing = document.querySelector('.webgl-drawing')
  const imageLoadPromise = compositr.load('/assets/images/another-image.png')

    { image: imageElement },
    { image: webglDrawing, operation: 'source-over', opacity: 0.3 },
    { image: imageLoadPromise, operation: 'screen', opacity: 0.8 }

Compositr makes using file uploads easy by merging with layers where the image is left undefined:

  const canvas = document.querySelector('.output')
  const compositr = new Compositr(canvas)
  const input = document.querySelector('#fileInput')
  const onFileUpload = compositr.drawOnUpload([
    { image: compositr.load('images/background.png'), operation: 'source-over' },
    // The uploaded image will be inserted here:
    { image: undefined, operation: 'screen' },
    { image: compositr.load('images/foreground.png'), operation: 'screen' },
    { image: compositr.load('images/CTEMF-logo.png'), operation: 'source-over' },
  input.addEventListener('change', onFileUpload)



  • Screenshot with usage / example


  • Compositr.draw and Compositr.drawOnUpload should return a promise
  • Support for input[type="file"] in layer: { image: fileInput, ... }
  • Universal!
  • Responsiveness option
  • Better support for different canvas sizes


Compositr is © 2017 MADE Code PTY Ltd. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

Maintained by


Compositr was created and is maintained MADE Code PTY Ltd. The names and logos for MADE Code are trademarks of MADE Code PTY Ltd.

We love open source software. See our Github Profile for more.

We're always looking for talented people who love programming. Get in touch with us.

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