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Environment Label

Nice coloured labels to help distinguish your CraftCMS environments you don't forget where you are.

by Tom Davies and Michael Rog


The Environment Label plugin adds a nice coloured banner to your CraftCMS control panel so you'll never forget what environment you're using.

The colors and text of the environment label are configurable via the plugin config file using config files.



Drop the environmentlabel directory into craft/plugins, visit the Settings page of the CP, and click to Install the Environment Variable plugin.


You can configure the colour and text of the environment label using the plugin config file.

Just add an environmentlabel.php file to your craft/config directory, and copy in the default plugin config:


return array(

	'showLabel' => true,
	'prefix' => null,
	'suffix' => null,
	'labelColor' => '#cc5643',
	'textColor' => '#ffffff',


By default, the environment label will pull in the value of Craft's CRAFT_ENVIRONMENT constant, which is set to the current hostname unless you override it.

(In other words, out of the box, you get a red banner with white text that alerts you to the current hostname.)

The plugin config can use Craft's Multi-Environment Config syntax, which allows you to tweak the appearance and text of the environment label for each installation.

For example, your environmentlabel.php config file might use environment variables set by the server:


return array(

	'*' => array(
		'label' => getenv('CRAFT_ENV_LABEL'),
		'suffix' => " // NO LIVE CONTENT",

	'' => array(
		'showLabel' => false,

	'.dev' => array(
		'labelColor' => '#337799',


(We highly recommend using dotenv to store and deploy environment variables on your server. It'll change your life.)

Template globals

Environment Label also makes its data available via a Twig template global variable:

{{ environmentLabel.label }}
{{ environmentLabel.prefix }}
{{ environmentLabel.suffix }}
{{ environmentLabel.fullText }}
{{ environmentLabel.labelColor }}
{{ environmentLabel.textColor }}

JavaScript globals

Environment Label makes its label and full text available as JS globals on each authenticated CP page:


What are the system requirements?

Craft 2.5+ and PHP 5.4+

I found a bug.

Please open a GitHub Issue, submit a PR to the dev branch, or just email Tom.



Provides colour-coded labels in your Craft CMS control panel to help easily distinguish between environments







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