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Made by Many at SXSW 2011

Visit the blog post to learn more about this project.


  • Node.js 0.4.2 + npm
  • MongoDB
  • expat development libraries
  • npm install express async mongodb xml2js-expat


Copy the example:

cp config/config.js{.example,}

And fill in the blanks.

Client ID

Register an application. Most of the details are unimportant for development, but you will need to use the application URI later.

Access token

Fill in your client ID and application URI and make a request:

curl -I ''

Visit the URL given in the Location header in the response and sign in.

Copy the access_token parameter from the location field.

User IDs

Search by name:

curl ''

Run it

Before the first run:

node script/seed.js


node server.js

Visit whichever port you specified in config.js.


If necessary due to changes in storage format:

mongo --eval 'db.updates.drop()' _DB_NAME_
node script/seed.js

Copyright and licensing

See the file COPYRIGHT for details.