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If you want to set up this card game on your server, follow this invite link For self hosting please use a guide below.

Setting up a runtime

You would need NodeJS 7 or higher and MongoDB 3.4 or higher. For a correct runtime you would need to run API server. After that make sure you create your own ./settings/general.json which will look like this:

    "clientid": "",
    "token": "",
    "admins": [""],
    "database": "mongodb://localhost:27017/amusement",
    "botperm": "125952",
    "botcolor": "f426d5",
    "logpath": "~/log/amusement-club/",
    "botprefix": "->",
    "lockChannel": "",
    "cardurl": "",
    "dbltoken": "",
    "dblpass": "",
    "s3accessKeyId": "",
    "s3secretAccessKey": "",

    "cardprice": [ 80, 150, 300, 600, 1000]
  • clientID client ID for Discord bot
  • token Discord token
  • admins put Discord IDs of people who can run admin only commands
  • database your MongoDB Database
  • botperm a code for bot permissions when joining a server (optional)
  • botcolor color for embed messages
  • logpath logging path
  • botprefix prefix you would like to use (up to 3 characters)
  • lockChannel channel to lock to a daily collection (optional)
  • cardurl base URL to a CDN or storage server
  • dbltoken not used anymore
  • dblpass not used anymore
  • s3accessKeyID Amazon S3 access key (used to search for new cards, optional if you don't use Ayano)
  • s3secretAccessKey Amason S3 secret key
  • cardprice array for card prices depending on rarity (used whne selling cards to bot)

Make sure you do npm install Start bot by running node index.js

If you have your own S3 host with cards, you can use Ayano to add cards automatically. For a quick testing you can add restore a sample database dump from amusement_testdb.tar.gz. Unzip the archive and use mongorestore to restore 3 essential tables that you need.


Ayano is a bot integrated into Amusement Club to handle shards, restarts, errors and card adding.


Please make sure you create a file ./settings/ayano.json which will look like this:

    "token": "",
    "startpoint": "./index.js",
    "mainchannel": "",
    "botcommchannel": "",
    "reportchannel": "",
    "adminID": "",
    "s3accessKeyId": "",
    "s3secretAccessKey": "",
    "logchannel": "",
    "cardprice": [ 80, 150, 300, 600, 1000]
  • token Discord bot token
  • startpoint path to file that is used to start Amusement Club
  • mainchannel ID of the main channel on your server (used to gree new people)
  • botcommchannel ID of the channel that is used for Ayano commands (please note that everyone who has access to the channel can give Ayano commands)
  • reportchannel ID of the channel to report user suspicious behaviour
  • adminID Discord ID of admin user
  • s3accessKeyId key ID for requesting card list from a remote storage server
  • s3secretAccessKey secret access key for requesting card list from a remote storage server
  • logchannel channel for logging important things
  • cardprice basic card prices when selling to bot

Setting up storage server

Ayano supports remote storage servers of S3 type (e.g. Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces). For a detailed listing you would have to specify s3accessKeyId and s3secretAccessKey. You can obtain them in the dashboard of service you are using.

On the server make sure you have /cards/ and (optional) /promo/. Both folders will have subfolders that are named like collections. Those subfolders will contain .png, .gif or .jpg files for cards. The name of the card should be rarity_name_with_underscare.extention. So in the end you will have, for example /cards/yuruyuri/2_lady_toshinou.png

After setting up everything you can run ayy update in the bot commands channel you specified in the config. Ayano will populate cards table in your database as well as collections table. After that please head to your collections table in the database and and fill up details manually. Note that if you are using .jpg cards for collection, you have to make sure that compressed is set to true.


  • ayy start starts up all shards for bot
  • ayy stop stops all shards
  • ayy restart restarts all shards
  • ayy update updates all collections from cards/ directory on S3 storage server
  • ayy update promo updates all collections from promo/ directory on S3 storage server
  • ayy rename [card query], [new name] renames a card
  • ayy collection [collection query] [new name] renames a collection
  • ayy origin [collection query] [new origin] sets a new collection origin
  • ayy alias <add|remove> [collection query] [alias] adds or removes collection alias
  • ayy help lists all the commands