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A lot of this is based on the ZDS Style Guide

  • Add -Wall (all warnings) and -Werror (warnings are errors) to the additional flags. This catches a lot of things and keeps the code warning free.

  • Check the 'analyze' option in the projects settings so klang runs during each build.

  • 2 spaces for tabs.

  • Put your @synthesize entries at the top of your .m and and give them a protected instance variable, like @synthesize foo = _foo;. Only define the @property. Don't define _foo in the interface.

  • Put your -dealloc, -viewDidUnload and -cleanup methods at the top of your .m

  • In your cleanup or dealloc, use self.someProperty = nil to free a retained property.

  • If allowed by the project's target runtime, only define your attributes using @property. Meaning, don't duplicate them in the interface definition. This is allowed if deploying on iOS 4+ or 64bit Mac.

  • Use dot notation

  • Do not do fancy formatting of methods like:

[pants thisIsMy:fancy

Instead put it all on one line and let Xcode wrap it for you.

[pants thisIsMy:fancy method:trucks isOK:YES];

There are exceptions to the above rule: dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: should have one line per object and key pair and the trailing nil should also be on its own line. Just use your best judgement here.

  • NSLog should not be used in production projects. An alternative debug logging mechanism should be used. One we can turn off in release builds.

  • If an app is to access NSUserDefaults, it should have an app specific Settings singleton (Google SynthesizeSingleton.h or ask Brian for existing examples). Each setting should have a @property and a custom setter and getter that does the NSUserDefaults talking and synchronizing.

  • Storing items in the keychain (passwords/etc) should also go through a Settings singleton as a property.

  • Projects using Core Data should use mogenerator:

  • Projects using Core Data should use Active Record Fetching For Core Data:

  • Projects using Core Data should consider having all the NSPredicate fetching and all defined in the mogenerate'd models instead of scattering them all about. So add methods like:

+ (NSArray *) allInGallery:(GGallery *)aGallery

and let that method do the Active Record for Core Data fetch.

  • Projects using Core Data should use NSFetchedResultsController when appropriate.

  • Projects accessing the internets should use ASIHTTPRequest and SBJSON where appropriate:

  • Projects should consider using

  • MBProgressHUD should be used for modal spinners:

  • Direct use of the GCD API's should be reserved for very specific cases that need it. Instead, prefer NSOperation & NSOperationQueue, which will use GCD behind the scenes for free.

  • Run your main debug scheme with the argument "NSZombieEnabled" "YES"


  • All production projects should be stored on madebyrocket's github account

  • git submodule's should not be used unless it's really needed.


  • 2 spaces for tabs


  • Devise for authentication

  • rspec for tests

  • factory_girl for factories

  • haml for views

  • jQuery for JS

  • Try real hard to stick to RESTful controllers. Think hard before adding a method to a controller that isn't one of the 7: index, new, create, show, edit, update, destroy.

  • Don't use scaffolding

  • Consider using resource_this for your fairly straight forward resource'y controllers.

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