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Contributing to Phở Devstack

We always welcome new contributors to our source code. This is the guide to follow when you want to make a contribution.

Issues and Bugs

Found an Issue?

Phở Devstack is based on Gulp and its plugins. Make sure that bug is not related to a plugin or Gulp itself (then submit an issue to their repository).

If you find a bug in Phở Devstack, you can help us by submitting an issue to our GitHub Issue Tracker with a tag bug. Even better you can submit a Pull Request with a fix.

Want a Feature

Found a better plugin than pho-devstack's dependencies? Got an idea for a great feature everyone will love?

You can request a new feature by submitting an issue to our GitHub Issue Tracker and tagging it enhancement or feature.

Want a Doc Fix?

All Phở Devstack docs are Markdown files located in GitHub repository. If you see an issue or want to improve some section, submit a Pull Request.

Coding style

  • Use semicolons;
  • Commas last,
  • 2 spaces for indentation (no tabs)
  • Prefer ' over "
  • "use strict";

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ docs page