demo of testing an app that uses Stripe Checkout with Selenium
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Stripe Checkout / Selenium Demo

This is an unofficial demonstration of how to test a webapp using Stripe Checkout with Selenium in Python. You should already be familiar with and have implemented an application using Checkout before reading this.

This code is filled with horrible hacks. If anyone reading this has ideas for improvement, I'm open to them.

It goes something like this:

  1. fetches ChromeDriver runs

  2. starts a server,

  3. starts up Chrome, and connects to

  4. has a simple webapp that lets you specify an amount to pretend-pay, then accepts a pretend payment with Stripe Checkout. uses Selenium to click through this process.

  5. checks that the webapp reports success, and uses a debugging endpoint (/payments) to check that the webapp indeed recorded the fake payment to the server.

  6. repeats this, the second time asking Chrome to emulate an iPhone 5, so the mobile Stripe Checkout interface is tested.


This code was written by Madeleine Thompson, who releases it into the public domain.

This code comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk.

The author has no affiliation with Stripe.