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A project for computing the PageRank of Wikipedia pages for places found in GeoNames.

A current Wikipedia XML dump is used to generate the Wikipedia link graph. The Geonames RDF dump is used for a mapping between Geonames entities and Wikipedia pages. The resulting collection of ranked locations can be used for estimating the prominence of each interpretation of a toponym.

To run, first download:

Install this package:

go get

Run the following:

wiki-place-rank all $WIKIDUMP $GEONAMESDUMP geo-ranks.txt

Alternatively, you can run each step of the process individually:

  1. wiki-place-rank graph $WIKIDUMP 1-page-graph.gob

  2. wiki-place-rank pagerank 1-page-graph.gob 2-page-rank.gob

  3. wiki-place-rank locations $GEONAMESDUMP 3-locations.gob

  4. wiki-place-rank georank 2-page-rank.gob 3-locations.gob 4-geo-ranks.txt