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Game authoring/playing platform (March-May 2017)
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Names of all people who worked on the project

Alex Blumenstock, Anngelyque Stevenson, Hari Rajan, Sarah Zhou, Talha Koc, Anh Trinh, Gideon Pfeffer, Maddie Briere, Moses Wayne, Vishnu Gottiparthy

Date you started, date you finished, and an estimate of the number of hours worked on the project

The project lasted from March 21st to April 30th. Around 2400 person-hours have been spent on the project.

Each person's role in developing the project

Vishnu Gottiparthy - Game player

Anngelyque Stevenson - Game player

Alex Blumenstock - Authoring environment

Talha Koc - Authoring environment

Hari Rajan - Authoring environment and Rating System

Sarah Zhou - Controllers

Moses Wayne - Properties and VoogaUtil

Gideon Pfeffer - Actor Grid, XML Serialization, File Loading/Saving Helpers, Facebook Integration

Anh Trinh - ActorMovement and Layer Recognition

Maddie Briere - Game Data

Any books, papers, online, or human resources that you used in developing the project

StackOverflow, Professor Duvall's unyielding guidance throughout the project :)

Files used to start the project (the class(es) containing main)

Files used to test the project

See tests package

Files For Testing Grid, File Helpers, and Serialization can be found in the .text packages alongside the classes themselves.

Any data or resource files required by the project (including format of non-standard files)

See data, resources, and images folders

Any information about using the program (i.e., command-line/applet arguments, key inputs, interesting example data files, or easter eggs)

Simply run and interact via GUI.

Any known bugs, crashes, or problems with the project's functionality

Doubleclick on actor may move the actor. Authoring environment may occasionally not save XML files properly. Cannot overwrite XML files. Cannot load XML files.

Any extra features included in the project


User authentication and accounts

User interaction with properties

In-game music

Type specification between objects and on-the-fly type creation

Place objects on the grid to be initialized at runtime

Layers that restrict placement and movement of actors

Polygon selection of layers

Your impressions of the assignment to help improve it in the future

It was quite the challenge. It was a good experience to work with such a large team with different styles, etc. among the different members. The importance of integration and testing along the way definately came out towards the end of the project.

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