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A variety of 3D printed mounts, adapters, and kits for NVIDIA's Jetson Nano.
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Jetson Nano Accessories

A variety of 3D printed mounts, adapters, and kits for NVIDIA's Jetson Nano.


NVIDIA sent me a few of their new Jetson Nanos to play around and see what I might want to make. On first impression — the Nano is a solid Ubuntu computer, but I was really impressed with its portablity: if you look at their Jetbot project, you can see that you can power the Nano plus a few motors with just a mobile phone charger. So that got me thinking about all the different — and weird — places I could take a Nano ... and that led to me daydreaming about possible projects with this portable, powerful embedded computer.

To jumpstart my creativity, I decided to make a series of mounts, adapters, and kits for taking the Nano, a battery, and a camera into a bunch of different places. Some of them are pragmatic and useful — like the Tripod Mount Kit. Others are a bit more odd and fun — like the Utility Belt or Gardening Kits.

I've included all the files to make and modify these 3D printable accessories in this repo. These kits let you attach the Nano to things like:

Suction Cup Kit Magnet Kit Tripod Kit
Utility Belt Bicycle Mount Gardening Kit

Plus I made a few stands for holding, displaying, or extending the Nano:

Nano Stand Nano Stand with Battery Nano Stand with Battery and Extruded Aluminum

Modular Clip System

My goal for these accessories was to have a kit of swapple, quick-to-print parts, so I could mix-and-match different clips, adapters, and mounts on the fly.

So, for example, over the course of my day, I could snap a Nano into the Bicycle Mount Kit for my commute to work, then snap it into a Stand that's sitting on your workstation, and then maybe put my Nano on my Refrigerator or in my Garden when I got back home.


The three basic components are a Nano Clip, that the Jetson Nano Developer Kit snaps into, a Board Backer, that protects the back of the Nano and has slots for the Nano and Battery Clips, and a Battery Clip, that a portable battery pack snaps into. Based on your scenario, you may or may need battery power — so there are other connection options for the rear slots in the Board Backer (e.g., Suction Cups).

Nano Clip Board Backer Battery Clip
jetson_nano_clip.stl nano_board_backer.stl jetson_nano_clip_battery.stl

Board Backer

The Board Backer features slots for attaching the Nano Clip and Battery Clip, as well as a series of holes for tip ties.

Additional Clips

Here are a few more clips for the rear of the Board Backer that connect your Nano to different things:

Bicycle Clips Suction Cup Clips Tripod Clips
See the Bicycle Mount Kit See the Suction Cup Kit See the Tripod Mount Kit


If you just want to show off your Nano in your workspace, I also made a few self-supporting stands that you can print.

Jetson Nano Stand Stand with Battery Clip Stand with Battery Clip and Extruded Aluminium
jetson_nano_clip-feet.stl jetson_nano_clip-feet-battery.stl jetson_nano_clip-feet-battery-rail.stl

Build Settings

Each of included models were printed on a Prusa i3 MK3S printer. All my build settings are detail in the instructions for each assembly, but keep in mind that your settings and tolerances may vary based on the printer and printing method you use.

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