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Code By Women

Contributions Welcome MIT License

A collection of awesome technology blogs and projects, created by women. Originally built as a personal list of blogs to check in with frequently, now CodeByWomen aims to serve as an open source index of women who write about and create software.

Add A Blog

You will need a Github account to add your blog directly to CodeByWomen. Fork this repository, add your blog to the fork, and then open a pull request.

Blog and project entries are written in YAML syntax, a human-readable version of JSON. Here's a template for adding a project:

  name: Your Name
  github: URL to your Github (Optional)
  twitter: URL to your Twitter profile (Optional)
  instagram: URL to your Instagram profile (Optional)
  pinterest: URL to your Pinterest Profile (Optional)
  youtube: URL to your Youtube Profile (Optional)
date: 2019-02-01
title: Your Blog/Project Title (Or Your Name!)
screenshot: ./img/
description: |
  Talk a little bit about your blog here! Or your project, if this is a project!

Save this file under content/blogs/your-blog-here.yml and commit your changes! You will need to take a screenshot of your site and place it in content/blogs/img/your-blog-here-xyz.png as well.

If you need help, or would like someone else to add your blog/project, contact Madelyn Eriksen directly.

Contributing Code

CodeByWomen is written in React/GatsbyJS and open source. You are more than welcome to open a pull request!

To get started hacking on the project, clone it into a new directory, and start the development server with the following command:

npx gatsby develop

Jest is used as the unit testing framework. To run the tests, use the following commands:

npm test

If you have updated components, try the following test command to update the snapshots:

npm test -- -u

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following projects and companies for making this project possible:

  • Every blog and project featured on CodeByWomen.
  • Netlify for hosting CodeByWomen.
  • WomenWhoDesign for inspiring me to share this list.
  • The Gatsby Team for creating an awesome Static Site Generator


CodeByWomen is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. External content and visuals are owned wholly by their original creators, unless explicitly stated otherwise.