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MtoA Node

Oblique Shaders for MtoA Dev Notes

How to Install

    + copy the content of the "metadata" folder into "C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\<Maya Version>\shaders",[Windows]
    + copy the content of the "metadata" folder into "/opt/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version>/shaders/",[Linux]
    + copy the content of the "metadata" folder into "/Applications/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version>/shaders/",[OSX]

    + copy the content of the "ae" folder into "C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\<Maya Version>\scripts\mtoa\ui\ae",[Windows]
    + copy the content of the "ae" folder into "/opt/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version>/scripts/mtoa/ui/ae",[Linux]
    + copy the content of the "ae" folder into "/Applications/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version>/scripts/mtoa/ui/ae",[OSX]

    + copy the content of the "icons" folder into "C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\<Maya Version>\icons",[Windows]
    + copy the content of the "icons" folder into "/opt/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version/icons",[Linux]
    + copy the content of the "icons" folder into "/Applications/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version/icons",[OSX]

	+ copy the content of the "attrPresets" folder into "C:\Users\<User Account>\Documents\maya\<Maya Version>\presets\attrPresets",[Windows]
	+ copy the content of the "attrPresets" folder into "/home/<User Account>/maya/<Maya Version>/presets/attrPresets",[Linux]
	+ copy the content of the "attrPresets" folder into "~/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<Maya Version>/presets/attrPresets",[OSX]

    + copy the .dll   in "bin" into "C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\<Maya Version>\shaders",[Windows]
    + copy the .so    in "bin" into "/opt/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version>/shaders",[Linux]
    + copy the .dylib in "bin" into "/Applications/solidangle/mtoa/<Maya Version>/shaders",[OSX]

Windows requirements:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package (x64)

How to use Obq_Simbiont

Copy the bin\dte\dte_2600_64.dll (DarkTree library) to either C:\Windows or another [Windows] arbitrary directory (AD). If you chose the AD method, you'll need to append this AD to the PATH environment variable.

For example, you can add: set PATH=%PATH%;\\serverX\dte_folder in the .bat that launches Maya (without the quotes). You will also need copy the \bin\dte\dte_components folder somewhere and change the path on line 30 of the (the componentLibsPath parameters).

If you don't own a copy of DarkTree, you can download some DarkTree files here:

OBQ Shaders in Maya

The easiest way to check if MtoA has loaded the Oblique shaders is by opening up Maya's Create Node window and clicking on the Arnold render node section on the left side of the window. If the OBQ shaders are visible in the list and they have a custom "OBQ" icon, then the shaders were installed correctly.

OBQ Shaders in the Maya Create Node Window

If MtoA has a problem loading the OBQ shaders you can check the Maya Script Editor window, and the Output window for more details.

Version History

2015-05-18 Changes

  • [ACH] Added a metadata file and an ae template for the new Obq_KettleUVStereoLens lens shader that is under development for panoramic stereo rendering with the camera rays derived from an input mesh.

2015-04-22 Changes

  • [ACH] Updated the metadata file and the ae template for the Obq_StereoLens, and Obq_AngularCamera shaders in MtoA.
  • [ACH] Added a Obq_LensDistortion metadata file.
  • [ACH] Fixed the Obq lens shader GUI loading issues.

2015-03-01 Changes

  • [ACH] Updated the metadata file and the ae template for the Obq_StereoLens shader in MtoA.

2015-03-01 Changes

  • [ACH] Updated the metadata files to add a Houdini "OBQ Shaders" category, and improved the Houdini GUI labeling.

2015-01-26 Changes

2014-12-02 Changes

  • [ACH] Added a Maya attrPresets folder and ported the 42 Obq_Fresnel material presets from the Obq_Fresnel.spdl file into the Maya attribute editor "Presets" menu format.

2014-11-30 Changes

  • [ACH] Updated the metadata file to add the new v303 shaders and fix indentation
  • [ACH] Updated Obq Help links in ae template files
  • [ACH] Added new Maya Node IDs to Metadata files:
    • Obq_MessageSetFlt
    • Obq_MessageStoreFlt
    • Obq_SetAlpha
    • Obq_SpectrumColor
    • Obq_TransformShadingPoint
  • [ACH] Created a new Obq_ColorspaceConverter ae template file
  • [ACH] Created a new Obq_MessageSetFlt ae template file
  • [ACH] Created a new Obq_MessageStoreFlt ae template file
  • [ACH] Renamed ae template file to
  • [ACH] Updated and mtd to change message attribute to key.
  • [ACH] Updated and mtd to add the XtoA attribute.
  • [ACH] Updated and mtd to add the modified attributes.
  • [ACH] Updated and mtd to add the modified attributes.

2014-10-19 Changes

  • [ACH] Added ae templates for the following shaders:

    • Obq_CameraProjectionSpace
    • Obq_Color
    • Obq_Etching
    • Obq_Fresnel
    • Obq_MessageFlt
    • Obq_Opacity
    • Obq_RandomID
    • Obq_RayDepth

2014-09-11 Changes

  • [ACH] Added the default shader settings to the Maya .mtd metadata file.
  • [ACH] Added Obq_Simbiont ae template file.
  • [ACH] Added OBQ_IESLightFilter ae template file.

2014-09-10 Changes

  • [ACH] Added Maya files for:
    • Obq_Atmosphere
    • Obq_Bend4Stereo
    • Obq_ChangeRange
    • Obq_Environment
    • Obq_RandomColor
  • [ACH] Updated the Obq_ToonSimple ae template

2014-09-08 Changes

  • [ACH] Added custom Maya OBQ icons.
  • [ACH] Renamed metadata file to match current shader DLL.

Known Issues


With Strip Model Name and Strip Frame Number enabled and the new XtoA Software attribute set to MtoA I get the following error in Maya and MtoA Kick.exe: [Obq_RandomColor] : Couldn't find the frame number separator. Name is : pSphereShape22 and separator is .MtoA.


  • Adding an Obq_MeasuredMaterial node to a Maya scene causes a crash. This might be caused by MtoA trying to render a preview swatch.

  • The ColorspaceIn and ColorspaceOut GUI elements haven't been implemented yet.


The shader needs to be customized to work with Maya/MtoA's camera naming system.

OBQ Lens Shaders

Also the current MtoA release's registerTranslatorUI function won't allow a 3rd party lens shader to be associated as both a "camera" and a "stereoRigCamera" object. This means that lens shader's won't be able to be added to the center camera view in a stereo camera rig.

Missing AE Template Files

Several of the Obq shader's lack ae template files. The following ae template files need to be created:

  • Obq_RGBComEmit
  • Obq_RGBComLightFilter
  • Obq_Root2Tip
  • Obq_SetAlpha
  • Obq_TransformUV
  • Obq_SpectrumColor
  • Obq_TransformShadingPoint
  • Obq_VolumeThickness
  • Obq_Hair
  • Obq_SurfaceEnvironment
  • Obq_Thickness
  • Obq_Toon
  • Obq_UVRemapLensDistortion