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Continuous Integration with the Supermarket Receipt Refactoring Kata

This is a fork of Emily Bache's with_tests branch.

The aim of the exercise is to refactor this code as a team, and add a new feature.

The Domain

The supermarket has a catalog with different types of products (rice, apples, milk, toothbrushes,...). Each product has a price, and the total price of the shopping cart is the total of all the prices of the items. You get a receipt that details the items you've bought, the total price and any discounts that were applied.

The supermarket runs special deals, e.g.

  • Buy two toothbrushes, get one free. Normal toothbrush price is €0.99
  • 20% discount on apples, normal price €1.99 per kilo.
  • 10% discount on rice, normal price €2.49 per bag
  • Five tubes of toothpaste for €7.49, normal price €1.79
  • Two boxes of cherry tomatoes for €0.99, normal price €0.69 per box.

These are just examples: the actual special deals change each week.

The Challenge

You must refactor the code, using the safety of the test suite provided.

As a team identify code smells such as Long Method, Innappropriate Intimacy. Apply relevant refactorings.

When the team is confident it can handle this code, choose a pair to implement the new feature described below using TDD.


  • Split into pairs.
  • When refactoring, use a modified version of TCR; test && (commit ; pull --rebase ; push) || reset --hard HEAD. - you can run make tcr
  • Don't go longer than 3 minutes without running your tests.
  • Push to master.
  • Collaborate to solve merge conflicts.
  • Every commit in master should pass all tests.
  • Don't worry about commit messages, that's not what we're doing here.

Details of the Backlog

The owner of the system has a new feature request.

They want to introduce a new kind of special offer - bundles. When you buy all the items in a product bundle you get 10% off the total for those items.

For example you could make a bundle offer of one toothbrush and one toothpaste. If you then you buy one toothbrush and one toothpaste, the discount will be 10% of €0.99 + €1.79. If you instead buy two toothbrushes and one toothpaste, you get the same discount as if you'd bought only one of each - ie only complete bundles are discounted.

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