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Our company blog is a critical channel for inbound marketing efforts, lead generation & brand awareness. It builds credibility through thought leadership and helps to build trust and relationships with our customers.

One of ours aims is to ensure our blog posts closely align with our positioning, and provides interesting and thought provoking reading to our customers, especially those who fall into the various customer personas we would like to target.

We've written quite a lot of stuff over the years, if you'd like some inspiration, check out our previous posts here.


The Basics

  • Fork this repository and create your blog post in /posts/
  • Write your post!
  • Categorise the post in /categories/
  • Issue a pull request and get the post reviewed


We look at blogging in terms of "seasons", which are typically 12 weeks long. This allows us to switch up what topics we're focussing on each season, as well as mixing teams up.

We keep a list of topics we'd like to be written about as the channel status in the #blog Slack channel. Feel free to claim any you'd particularly like to write about, and add any you happen to think of.


Blogging is entirely optional, so please don't feel pressured to blog if you'd rather not. Ahead of each of each season, a survey will be emailed to everybody, asking who would like to opt in.

Those that do will then be randomly assigned to a blogging team.


Once teams are decided, deadlines for the season ahead will be set. There are no individual deadlines, so it's up to you and your team to figure out how you're going to meet those deadlines - collaboratively written posts are more than welcome!

You're able to take an hour each week to blog, whenever you see fit. Just let the appropriate people know you're taking it.

If you need a reminder on your team's deadlines, they're announced daily in the #blog Slack channel, or you can use the /deadlines slash command in the same channel.

Winner Dinner

Every team that meets all of their deadlines then gets to celebrate their hard work by going for a fancy dinner! Qualifying teams should figure out a date they can all do, and then they just need to decide which restaurant they'd like to go to - we'll arrange it all.


When a post is published, it will be promoted on the following channels:

  • Twitter, several times
  • LinkedIn
  • HackerNews
  • DZone
  • RubyFlow (if relevant)
  • Sitepoint (if relevant)
  • The newsletter

You're encouraged to share and market your own posts in any way you see fit e.g. sharing it with LinkedIn or Facebook groups you're a member of.