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About Made Tech

Made Tech's mission is to improve software delivery in every organisation.

We build software delivery capabilities, deliver digital & technology, and run live services for ambitious organisations.

Our delivery-focused approach enables customers to unleash innovation and reduce time-to-market, so they spend less time battling 'business as usual', and more time delivering real business value.

We come from a background of helping hungry startups get to market fast, so we know how to ship software quickly. We are renowned for our expertise in extreme programming, lean, and agile practices.

Today we’re partnering with some of the UK’s largest organisations, driving the adoption of modern software delivery practices while delivering innovative applications, and untangling legacy IT estates.

Our customers are forward-thinking executives who need help to:

  • Build software delivery capabilities: we work alongside in-house teams, helping them to learn by doing. We coach teams to ship software using modern practices such as test-driven development, continuous delivery and DevOps.
  • Deliver digital and technology: we build new products and modernise legacy applications using technologies such as container platforms, microservice architectures, and cloud automation.
  • Run live services: our reliability engineers proactively monitor, maintain, and improve cloud infrastructure and applications, driving quality up, and the cost of change down.