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We trust the team to be able to expense the things they need to perform their job. We offer a company credit card along with the ability to submit expenses you've incurred by spending your own money on something the company should pay for.

What can you expense?

We provide some examples below of what is okay to expense. We trust you to be able to follow these guidelines. If you feel like you need clarification, speak to a Director or Line Manager.

  • Books for work (programming, best practice, sales, etc.)
  • Computer equipment (new monitor, keyboard, HDMI adapters, etc.)
  • Amenities for the office (coffee, fruit, biscuits, etc.)
  • Lunch and drinks for a customer
  • Taxi to and from the office for a meeting
  • Taxi home after working late
  • Stationary (post-it notes, notepads, etc.)
  • Conference tickets (speak with a Director or Line Manager if over £150 per ticket)

How do you expense?

There are two methods of purchasing items listed above. The first is the easiest, using a company credit card. You will not incur any personal costs if you used this method. The second is paying for an item yourself and then expensing that payment in Xero.

Importantly, all receipts for both company credit card and personal expenses need to be VAT receipts for tax reasons.

Using the company credit card

If you already have a company credit card you can use it in order to purchase items listed above with it.

You need to send any VAT receipts for items purchased with the company credit card to

Expensing payments you personally paid for

If you have purchased an item with your own money that is listed above, you can submit this expense and you will be compensated via bank transfer when expenses are processed.

You need to submit these expenses in Xero, our accounting system. There is a guide on submitting expenses on Xero's help site. You will need to ensure you upload a picture of a VAT receipt with your claim.