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Contributing to the Handbook

This guide aims to make it easier to submit changes to the Handbook without using git or a text editor.

Adding new pages in Github

Creating the page

  1. Go to the handbook.
  2. Click through to the folder you want.
  3. Click "Create new file"
  4. Type out your contents under "Edit new file" using Markdown.
  5. Preview your changes at any time by clicking "Preview".
  6. When you're happy with your page, write a short description under "Commit new file". For example, "Add Flexible Holiday Page".
  7. Select "Create a new branch for this commit" and give it a name relevant to your change. For example, "add-flexible-holiday-page".
  8. Submit the change by clicking "Propose new file".
  9. You will be then be able to create a Pull Request to get review of your new page. Click "Create pull request", then share the link with people!

Addressing review

  1. Click on the "Files changed" tab on your Pull Request.
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the toolbar above the file content.
  3. Make your changes as before, previewing until you're happy with them.
  4. Under "Commit Changes" describe what this change does. For example, "Fix typo" or "Extend section on getting a company credit card".
  5. Keep the selected option as "Commit directly". You don't need to create a new branch for every change.
  6. Press "Commit changes".

Finalising the change

  1. Get feedback from the wider company and address any feedback. Once you've had your Pull Request approved, you're ready to finalise your change.
  2. On the "Conversation" tab of your Pull Request, click "Merge pull request".
  3. Your new page will now be visible in the Handbook.
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