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Kitchen Etiquette

We share the kitchen space with each other as well as with our customers. We have put together a few guidelines for keeping the kitchen nice and tidy.


We love our coffee at Made Tech. We have fresh beans regularly delivered to the office and have multiple thermos drip coffee jugs that keep coffee lovely and fresh. Please ensure:

  • When grinding beans that no meetings are going on in the meeting room as it's very loud and can interrupt voice calls and conversations
  • When you're done making coffee that you tidy up any spillages so the kitchen is left in a clean state

Sink regime

We all appreciate a clear and useable sink. Please ensure:

  • When you're finished with glasses, cutlery and crockery that you wash them up
  • If you can't wash up for whatever reason you, rinse your glasses, cutlery and crockery and stack them to the side of the sink rather than in the sink, this is so that everyone can continue to use the sink throughout the day