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Our Support Team is best thought of as the 'on-demand' equivalent to our AaaS offering. They undertake smaller tactical pieces of work which normally would necessitate the spinning up of a dedicated AaaS team. The length of work undertaken varies from less than an hour, up to a couple of weeks. Beyond that our AaaS offering becomes more appropriate.

Support Team Structure

The Support Team is staffed by members of the wider Made Tech team. As part of our efforts to deliver parity on quality across our offerings, we purposely do not have a dedicated permanent Support Team roster. During your time at Made Tech, you can expect to join the support team a couple of times a year.

As an AaaS engagement comes to an end, you may expect to join the Support Team for around 6 - 8 weeks, depending on other commitments in the business.

Support Team Roles

Within the Support Team there are two primary roles. It is a goal for pairs in Support to rotate these roles every 3 - 4 weeks.

Triage Pair

The Triage Pair are responsible for handling incoming support requests, where possible successfully resolving them on the spot, or if they're sufficiently large, booking them in for a Support Pair to pick up. Read more on the triage process

Epic Pair

Epic Pairs work on larger pieces of work ("epics") that typically take somewhere between half a day and a couple of weeks. Read more on the support epic process

Roadmap Prioritisation

Across the business various people have prioritisation calls with our support customers. By the close of play each week, we ensure we've captured customer's latest priorities and have these reflected in the overall roadmap. Read more on the prioritisation process.


Support FAQs