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Visitors and Office Security

Keeping our physical surroundings safe is an important part of ensuring our work remains secure. Robust office security ensures we maintain the safety of our buildings, team members, and visitors.

Visitors To The Office

  • All visitors to the office should be directed to the second floor and enter via the kitchen.
  • All visitors need to be signed in to the office, and assigned a member of the Made Tech team as their host
  • Visitors must be escorted when in and around the workstations and any sensitive information
  • Visitors may be unescorted when in the general meeting rooms and communal areas
  • We store records of visitors on SaaS so it can be accessed remotely if needed

Unauthorised Access

Attackers may attempt to gain access to our offices in order to do Made Tech or our clients harm. They may use techniques to gain your trust, take advantage of inattention, or capitalise on your desire to be helpful to gain access.

Remain vigilant for:

  • Anyone you do not recognise trying to gain access to (or already in) the office
  • Anyone trying to follow you into the communal stairway or office
  • Anyone trying to observe the access codes for the communal stairway or Made Tech office
  • Anyone who cannot provide a credible reason for gaining access to the building or office
  • Anyone who cannot name the member of the Made Tech team they are visiting
  • Anyone trying to pressure you for information about our building or office

It is always ok to challenge (politely) any request for access from an unknown individual.

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