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Laptop & Phone Security

Keeping laptops and phones secure is vitally important. We're a software company and many of us have access to secure systems (both our own and our customers).

When setting up new laptops, please ensure you follow the below guidelines and update the security information spreadsheet



  • Make a note of serial numbers, model information
  • Two Factor Authentication and strong passwords for:
    • Last Pass
    • Gmail
    • Github
    • Trello (unless using Google Auth to login to Trello)
    • Slack
    • AWS
  • Print out and store any 2FA backup codes in the Made Tech safe
  • Keep your operating system and applications up to date
  • Run the security challenge in LastPass



We all use personal mobile devices, so your options are either not to add any company accounts to your phone (this includes Slack, Gmail etc), or to follow the checklist below.