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Employee Assistance

We have setup an employee assistance programme to provide our team self-service access to all kinds of help. The confidential service provides:

  • Legal advice (for personal and work)
  • Emotional help and counselling
  • External HR advice (completely unbiased help and support)
  • Health (pregnancy, sickness, personal injury, stress)
  • Family (rights, divorce, child support, teenagers)
  • Older people (bereavement, elderly care, support)
  • Financial advice (pay, pensions, tax, debt help, benefits)
  • Relationships (divorce & separation, counselling, bullying)
  • Addiction (substance and gambling, support for family, rehabilitation

Getting assistance

  • Online: You can visit to access help via the website. You'll find the password for access in LastPass.
  • By phone: You can call the 24/7 help line on 0800 328 1437


We will be informed when the phone line and online service is used, and we will be alerted to what category of query/advice was made. We will not be provided any other details on the contents of your call or use of the service, nor will we be told who accessed the service.