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* [About Made Tech](company/
* [Welcome Pack](company/
* [Learning](learning/ (Engineering)
### Roles
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# Learning (Engineering roles)
## Onboarding
Before joining a delivery team, you will spend some time with a mentor focussing on skills relevant to delivery teams.
As a high level summary, we will cover the following -
1. Watch the [introduction to TDD screencast](
2. (Pair or mob with a mentor on) [code katas]( using [Test Driven Development]( discipline.
3. (Pair or mob with a mentor on) subcutaneous acceptance testing, and ATDD discipline.
4. Explore with a mentor the central architectural concepts of Clean Architecture
5. Discuss the SOLID principles with a mentor, with reference to Clean Architecture and (A)TDD.
6. Be introduced to the [Tic Tac Toe sparring exercise](
## Core Skills
Our Engineering team has built some Core Skills, which are courses around topics valuable to Made Tech.
Currently, each Core Skill is comprised of 3 levels, with acompanying stickers (which you will see on people's laptops).
You earn these stickers by doing coursework, or by passing an assessment, set by members of the Engineering team with expertise in that skill.
### Learn Tech
Every Friday between 13:30 and 17:00 the team come together to focus on Core Skills.
There are two teams, each with their own standup. Details can be found in [this spreadsheet]( along with a record of assessments.
* All Permanent Engineers are expected to attend and be on time.
* The time should be focussed on attaining, or be defining and/or improving Core Skills.
### Show & Tell
Show & Tell is more freeform - between 16:30 and 17:00 there is an opportunity to present to the team.
Use this as an opportunity to share with the wider group something of interest.
This could be, for example, how you applied TDD discipline on your delivery team, or it could be how you approached infrastructure as code at your previous company.

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