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Update scheduling around Comradros and Retros (#183)

* Update scheduling around Comradros and Retros

Unless things have changed very recently the guidance around when retros
and Comradrospectives should happen seemed out of date. This should
update it to be more inline with what was the norm while I was at Made

* Add some flexibility

Learned about some changes
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RyanMacG authored and craigjbass committed Sep 4, 2018
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@@ -16,13 +16,16 @@ The prime directive should be read before a retrospective begins.
## Retrospectives
These retrospectives occur every 2 weeks on a Friday. There are 2 hours booked for this purpose.
There are two elements to retrospectives:
* Retrospective (smaller groups performing retrospectives)
* Comradrospective (whole company retrospective format)
### Schedule
Retrospectives should occur at least once every two weeks and should normally take 30-60 minutes but can be flexible depending on team size; for instance Academy Retrospectives have a 90 minute timebox.
Comradrospectives are scheduled every 2 weeks on Friday for 60 minutes.
### Purpose
The purpose of retrospectives is to:

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