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# Guidance for Security Cleared Staff

In this section we have provided some additional information for team members who are undertaking, or intend to undertake the higher level background checks for security clearance.

## Security Clearance Guidance

Certain changes in personal circumstances require you to notify the government. This applies if you:
- Marry / form a Civil Partnership / divorce / dissolve a civil partnership or have a new or change of partner and where you have a change of co-resident (e.g. housemate).
- Receive a Police caution, are arrested, refused bail, or convicted of an offence (other than minor road traffic offences).
- Are subject to any type of insolvency proceedings; court repayment plan; or experience financial difficulties.

In these circumstances, you must inform the Head of People who will assist you to notify the relevant authority.

### Personal Conduct
You must never place yourself in a situation, in the UK or overseas, where you could be open to compromise.

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